TMN on Roku

TMN (The Movie Network – A great selection of news, sports, tv shows, and of course classics.  Free for filmmakers to use for publicity. And fan-fans will love the wide selection of movies, web series, and tv shows – there’s everything from the historic homage “ROOTS” to never seen before Pilots (Leave it Beaver) and marathon-movies like the 4part “Petticoat Junction” feature film. Roku owners, add it now Free AdFree!


Movies Plus TV on Roku is the free version of our sister channel on Amazon.  NONCOMMERCIAL – it’s a great way to watch FREE, AD-FREE. And our rare and sometimes odd selection of Indie made features and short films are sure to offer you an alternative to the typical fair found on Roku.  Movies Plus TV streams Family friendly content. It’s Free and AD-FREE: Add it now

Filmmakers are invited to join us, email us about how to get your Trailer, Movie or Show on our TV-Apps or Visit our FilmFreeway link to enter the “STREAMING” fest for as little as $4 – yep, only four-bucks to enter your film or show…And you just might get your film exposed to over 1,000,000 of our Subscribers. (That’s right we have about 1 million Subscribers on Roku, and about 400,000 Subs on Amazon — so don’t wait to enter the Festival!)

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Amazon Fire TV

Movies Plus on Amazon Fire TV has over 400,000 Subscribers and growing daily.  It’s the place to watch Rare and Off-the-Beaten-Track Indie made feature films and shorts.

This is our Flagship channel on Amazon, started in 2015. We were rated #48 by AppAnnie (that’s above CBS and Showtime.) Yes, we’ve come along way, and the spirit of our content shines brightly. Watch RARE movies and television shows here, designed just for your Fire TV device.

There’s never any commercial advertising, that means NO ADS to interrupt your viewing, AND videos run one after another in couch mode – – so you can enjoy watching TV in couch mode if you like. Plus there’s news like the latest Volcano eruptions, and there’s classics like The Lucy Show, Dick Van Dyke, and The Avengers.  Family Friendly.

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Movies Plus TV on Android

This app has different content than our others, Movies Plus TV on Android features Youtube content. You’ll see some Trailers and Shorts from our Festival ‘plus’ CGI, Web-TV, Fandom, and rare content like TV Pilots.  Stream movies FREE, and watch them with NO ADS!

Add it FREE via the Google site.  Note, you’ll need to have this App on your device (if) you plan to watch the videos that you submit to us via our Youtube playlist.
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Our Youtube Channel features a Playlist that also appears on our Android App.  This is the FREE destination for filmmakers who wish to input their content into our Youtube Channel and/or our Movies Plus Android App.  

Filmmakers, Studios and MediaMakers: Adding content to this Youtube-Playlist puts you on the path to digital distribution and broadcast.

There are (3) FREE ways to add your film or video to our Android App. Pick the one easiest for you…

1.) Message or Comment on my Twitter or Facebook page.

2.) Go to and use the “Free” option.

3.) Go to and use the online submission form.

Filmmakers are invited to join us on all of our Streaming and Broadcast platforms, contact us about how to get your Trailer, Movie, Video, or TV Show on our TV-Apps.

We also operate a film festival and typically there is no submission fee or a stipend-charge of ($4-8) see our Fest on


About our partner,…

Fluential TV is the latest service offered by us, it’s designed for those of you who would like to see your videos played on Television. Fluential TV reaches over 400,000 Subscribers on Roku and over 400,000 on Amazon Fire TV, plus it broadcasts on SBTV and other platforms like Android. Our Roku, Droid, and live-TV channels are Free and AD-Free. (Please note that currently our Fire TV channel has a one-time $2 subscription fee, and it is not yet accepting Youtube content, but stay tuned to for news.) (c) Dean Lachiusa