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New on Roku

Here’s a quick peak at the latest videos that I’ve posted on TMN and Movies Plus.

Leon Lush is a fun YouTuber who discusses some of the latest Viral Videos that are less than genuine. He’s really quite clever, funny, and edgy.
Alex is cute. Her bird is too. But she’s all business. And her advise is bang-on.
Jade operates a consulting business based upon her own success as an influencer.

[Updated and now available per June 18th]And coming up on my Roku channels very soon is a compilation video that is sponsored by It’s a great collection of 1950’s commercial advertisements. You’ll see everything from old automobile ads to dish washing soap and brands that you recall with fondness. Also, there is advertising for products that sound so-dang weird that they reek of “snake-oil.” Watch it on my TV-Apps or see the youtube video below.

If you’re an influencer, viral video or informational film producer you may have your video placed on Television for broadcast to over half a million subscribers. I also publish Movies Plus on Amazon Fire TV, and that platform will be available for broadcast lease and/or per individual video streaming too. Simply see the Fluential website for details or message me directly on Facebook or Twitter.

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Influential video of the week

I’ve started a new service that is designed to help Vloggers, Influencers, and other Viral-Video producers. I’ve always streamed unique content on my TV channels, and now I am dedicating an entire category to content that is fun and informational. Below is a video that I WON’T BE STREAMING. However, I think it makes a great point no matter where you stand politically, so here goes.

If you’re wondering why I chose to post this video, then maybe you’re like many of the folks out there that don’t believe there is a Virus-Crisis. Well, for those of you who don’t think it’s happening. I say, nothing. I have harsh opinions mind you — but it’s not worth my breath to share them here. So I say nothing.

For those of you who are interested in the FUN side of informational videos. Check out my channels. Or perhaps you’re interested in putting your Youtube video in front of an audience of over 1,000,000 Television watchers? (That’s over a million) viewers on our Partner TV channels!

I have a success story that will back this up. Keep in mind please that feature films typically DO NOT GET AS MUCH ATTENTION AS VIRAL VIDEOS! That being said, here’s how a filmmaker, named Alex took advantage of this offer, and now he has a distribution deal with Green Apple Entertainment. This might seem like a shameless plug — but really for about 30 bucks Influencers, Vloggers, and Viral Video Producers can do the same…

Alexander Pimentel, Director of “Down River” streamed his feature film on our Partners connected TV channel, “Movies Plus” on Amazon Fire TV. After 6 months and 70,000 downloads, Alex shared the news with a Venture capitalist who agreed to finance Alex’s next feature film. [Remember I said that films do not enjoy the same number of plays as a short video — so if you have a viral video, it should do much better than Alex’s.] As a DIRECT RESULT Alex landed a deal with Green Apple Entertainment to distribute his movies on Hulu and other platforms. Here’s a news article about the filmmaker’s success on our Amazon Fire TV channel:

So you see, this is a very inexpensive way to promote yourself, build up your portfolio, and your Youtube Channel, etc. Simply message me care of my FB page: or see the website that is currently in (beta. It’s ) Cheers! (c) Dean Lachiusa