Article Sept 2020 – – updated.

Newswired: Researchers have found a cure for the common cold, and it’s related to baldness in Men and Women.


It seems the cure has been related to the symptom called “scalpscratchyness.”  This is the nervous response of scratching one’s scalp in which many people experience when trying to find something interesting to watch on television.
The cure it seems, is in the hands of Indie Filmmakers who screen their films on a new channel sponsored by the Metro Film Festival.  The channel, called Movies Plus, is currently available for free on Amazon Fire TV devices, and Roku too.

“It’s truly a miracle” says Movies Plus founder Dean Lachiusa. “I collaborated with reknowned specialist Alfred E. Neuman of the agency Snap, Crackle and Pop…And they’ve come up with the statistics that prove that watching Movies Plus truly can cure the symptoms related to the common cold and baldness. It worked for me. And curiously enough, I lost 10 LBs of Prenatal weight too…”

Fact: It’s in the skin
Filmmakers have to have skin in the game in order to see results…A film/TV producer may screen their movie, TV, or webisode for free on the Movies Plus channel…the results are miraculous!”
Dean further says to PM him on Facebook or Tweet him for more information; or simply read the rest of this blurb…

Movies Plus is the place for Indie shows, and now is the time to take control of your project…don’t lose your film/show to a digital distributor who will never pay you!”
Movies Plus is the only Broadcaster that allows you to control the amount of exposure for your movie or television program, and there’s no binding contract. We’ll stream your complete film, screener, pilot, or webisode.

Did you know that most distributors commonly act as middle men, licensing your film to other sub-distributors who you do not have an agreement with. And these sub-distributors might promise to split the ad-revenues with the distributor you originally sign with, but think about it…How many royalty splits can you have before you get nothing?

Let’s do the math: 50% of zero is zero, carry the zero, times nothing, equals nothing!

Filmmakers, when you use Movies Plus or our TMN channel, there are (3) ways to drive people to your point-of-sale.

Method #1: Put your Website-Address (aka “URL”) on your Poster Art. We put your ART on our channel and viewers will see your URL or QR symbol and then visit your website to buy your DVD, T-Shirts, etc. (You do know what a QR is? It’s that thing that you photograph with your phone, and it directs you to a website. Here’s ours, try it if you like…

Method #2: We place a description of your film on our channels, and you may put your “URL” within this description.

Method #3: We encourage you to place a tag-line at the start/end of your movie, something like “Filmmaking is expensive, help pay for this film on www-Dot-Our-Donation-Button-Dotcom.”

These three methods drive our audience to your website or point-of-sale. Typically a filmmaker’s website will feature several easy, do-it-yourself methods of monetization. Some filmmakers feature a PayPal Donation button, some offer a special DVD via Amazon Create or CD Baby, and they sell ancillary products like T-shirts and Coffee Mugs via Cafe Press.

It’s the perfect way to create publicity and leverage ones work without being tied to a distributor…

Check out our free TV-Channels here or if you’re ready to broadcast your content on TV visit our partner — or try our free/super-cheap streaming-film-festival for a chance to get your Trailer or Film streamed to over 1 Million of our Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and Android Subscribers. You can always move to a traditional distributor when/if you get the right offer. (c) DL as a silly snarky Mr Know it all (updated 8-31-20.)

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