Movies Plus is #20 in Amazon’s Top Paid Apps

Back in the day of Advertising Agencies my Dad was a big-wig in Metro Detroit. He won Emmy’s and Clio awards and you name it. He used to say that one of the most important driving forces for any company was the Customer Feedback letter. When a customer takes the time to write a letter and send it to a company, that letter represents 10,000 other consumers who did-not take the time to send a letter, but feel the same way.

So, yes this writing could be considered a shameless plug. But it’s worth mentioning and I think worth the read. Indeed, most of the articles here are NOT about Apps or Channels, but rather about the rare and cool content that you’ll find on the “inter-web” and my TV-APPS. So I’ll get right to the point so that you may continue on to more fun-reads on the Movies Plus blog.

Below is snapshot of the latest Movies Plus on Amazon Fire TV results. This is for Amazon’s “Movies and TV” paid app category. (Bye the way if you have a Fire TV device, then I highly recommend you grab it before the price goes up!)

As you can see, Movies Plus is #20 out of the top 100, just below TwitTV. I hope you take notice of the number of ratings that my Movies Plus channel has. That’s over 1,000 ratings, when most other Amazon Fire TV Apps have 5 to 50 or so. That says allot. That says that hundreds of thousands of people have taken the time to leave a rating and/or comment and review the Movies Plus channel. We have over 400,000 Subscribers to date!

Consider the number of positive ratings…That’s a positive number of ratings for a “positive” channel. Yep — most of the content on my channel is of a positive nature, meaning it’s family friendly and you won’t have to be embarrassed by boobies or swearing when your kids are watching or you’re sitting down to enjoy TV with you mom. Cheers! (c) Dean Lachiusa 2020.

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