Guilty Pleasure Alert! This is not much of an article and much more of a quickie post for those of you who love or will love the TV series Corner Gas. Yes, I’m assuming that you’ll like this clip so much that you’ll be inspired to watch the show, or at least follow comedian Brent Butt on his other program “Hiccups.” Here’s a clip that is just so dang satirical it makes Spinal Tap look like washed up rockers from an era gone bye. Which of course they are, if they ever were that is. Similar to Spinal Tap’s “One Night Only World Tour” the following video is the only song from the infamous band, Thunderface.

What’s not to love? Seriously though, I can’t laugh enough at this video. And if you like Brent Butt’s work, then I’m sure you’ll love Hiccups, right here on my Android App “Movies Plus TV” free from Google. (c) Dean Lachiusa 2020. PREVIOUS BRENT BUTT, CORNER GAS and HICCUP’S POST:

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