Film Festival Streams to over a million viewers, it’s cheap & free for trailers.

Announcing the next online film festival by Metro Film & TV Awards. It’s been running for 5 years, and this is the (6th) Season. Grab you spot for Free if you have a trailer/teaser — or submit for as little as $3 for Short films and $4 for web series.

Winners get a distribution deal (actually a streaming ‘broadcast’ deal.) This Fest is about getting exposure. You’d be hard pressed to get this kind of publicity or promotion for your movie or TV-show elsewhere. Okay, so that’s enough of the pitchy-sounding dialog. Here’s the link:

Oh bye the way, FilmFreeway is a free resource for filmmakers. I’d say it’s the best way to browse for film festivals. However, it does limit “online” festivals to listings that are not within it’s search engine – for some reason or another. (I mean, what other way can we do a film festival during this Pandemic?) So, like I say use the link above to go to Metro’s filmfreeway page. Here’s a snapshot of their page:

Goodluck — and don’t forget, if you have a Trailer or Teaser, then you may enter the Festival for free. And here’s an added plus that is not commonly known — Metro will put your trailer on their “Movies Plus” Android app for free — and there’s no commercials on any of their TV-Apps, so that means it’s a nice, fluid-experience for the audience. Please — Feel Free to share this on Facebook, Twitter – etc etc.

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