Starship Exeter is a nicely made film by a group of filmmakers in Arkansas. The studio is a replica of the original Star Trek television series. And it’s not as well publicized as the Vic Mignogna or James Cawley Trek sets. But the film production’s that they produce are just as satisfying. The studios in Arkansas have moved and been rebuilt several times. And at this juncture there is no official branding — but that’s okay because this is NOT a commercial venture and it’s strictly a not-for-profit operation.

Although Exeter and the current films being shot in Arkansas are not affiliated with Star Trek Continues, I like their programs just as much. To differentiate — STC, a fan film series that was shot in Kingsland Georgia is now operated by the noncommercial studio, The Neutral Zone.

Also, Exeter is not associated with James Cawley’s New York based Star Trek studio, which produced some great fan films with former Star Trek actors. This Trek set is a museum, tour, and importantly — a Trek-movie-academy. The “academy” is a relatively new venture in which fans are invited to shoot a short Trek film. Here is a video from the location in Ticonderoga, NY.

As you can see, James Cawley is an Elvis fan. Moving on to Exeter. I personally don’t find the first Exeter episode to be as compelling as their second. So, I’ve placed the Exeter’s 2nd fan film on my noncommercial, free Roku channels. (See the TV-APPS link for Roku, or if you have an android, see my “Fan Films” app on Googleplay.) Here’s a few pics to wet your whistle…

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