Now available on TMN and Movies Plus absolutely Free and Without-Commercial interruptions are two great short films. The game-based “Uncharted Live Action Film” with Nathan Fillion co-stars Stephen Lang as Sully. Nathan (playing Nathan) is as funny and snappy as he was in productions like the beloved Sci-Fi “Firefly” and Serenity. And you may be familiar with the Television show “Castle” and his most recent cop-show, “The Rookie.”

Adding to the film’s line up is Stephen Lang who is well known for his long career and performances on the TV-show Terra Nova, and the movie Avatar.

He plays a great Sully. I also enjoyed the brief but well played role of Elena by Mircea Monroe (Just Friends, Change Up.)

And and Geno Segers (Yellowstone) as Diego.

I just loved the Uncharted short movie, which is slated as a “fan film.” Like many fan-made productions, this one is stellar. The production quality and story is terrific, and gosh — I really shouldn’t have to go on about this because…Would Nathan Fillion do anything but a top-notch project? No. Does he participate in shows that are less than big, Network productions? Yes. Watch the Kickstarter funded web series “Con Man” if you want to get a laugh and see another non-network production with great performances by this actor and his cohorts.

While we’re talking about fan made films, I should direct you to another LIVE ACTION Uncharted movie that I enjoyed. This is a foreign language film with English sub-titles. If you would like to see this posted on my Roku channels, then please do let me know. Meanwhile, you may watch it here:

Back to Nathan Fillion’s Uncharted. The movie left me wanting for more. I just so wanted it to be a longer film. But, not to disappoint, the ‘inter-web scuttlebug’ does indicated that a full-length feature film is scheduled for 2021.

Here’s what IMDB and Wikipedia say:Uncharted is an upcoming American action adventure film directed by Ruben Fleischer and written by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway. Serving as an origin story of Nathan Drake from the video games of the same name created by Naughty Dog, the film stars Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg and Antonio Banderas.

Okay, so before I go today I need to remind you that I am streaming another great short film based on a game. Sonic the Hedgehog, the LIVE ACTION movie, with a CGI Hedgehog. This is a great film.

The snarky hedgehog helps out our human-heroes in a fun, and thrilling Sci-Fi film that you may watch Free and AD-Free on my TMN and Movies Plus Roku Channels, and also my Android TV-Apps. The CGI is spectacular and the acting is bang-on. Here’s a peak:

Cheers, and enjoy (c) Dean Lachiusa

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  1. So Uncharted is basically an extended movie trailer for an upcoming major motion picture. I do not see how Nathon Fillion would get beat up in a fan film.

    1. Actually this is not a Trailer or a prequel to the feature. The upcoming Uncharted feature-film is cast with other actors, not Fillion.

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