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Here’s a quick peak at the latest videos that I’ve posted on TMN and Movies Plus.

Leon Lush is a fun YouTuber who discusses some of the latest Viral Videos that are less than genuine. He’s really quite clever, funny, and edgy.
Alex is cute. Her bird is too. But she’s all business. And her advise is bang-on.
Jade operates a consulting business based upon her own success as an influencer.

[Updated and now available per June 18th]And coming up on my Roku channels very soon is a compilation video that is sponsored by It’s a great collection of 1950’s commercial advertisements. You’ll see everything from old automobile ads to dish washing soap and brands that you recall with fondness. Also, there is advertising for products that sound so-dang weird that they reek of “snake-oil.” Watch it on my TV-Apps or see the youtube video below.

If you’re an influencer, viral video or informational film producer you may have your video placed on Television for broadcast to over half a million subscribers. I also publish Movies Plus on Amazon Fire TV, and that platform will be available for broadcast lease and/or per individual video streaming too. Simply see the Fluential website for details or message me directly on Facebook or Twitter.

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