I have confidence, confidence in the fact that our Government will act out with a gun shot reaction to this virus crisis. An action towards China. China has three (recent) strikes against them. SARS, Avian “Bird Flu” and now this dang Virus. But this kind of thing is not new to the world, really we’ve battled everything from Yellow Fever to Polio. But importantly, we should take note that China has a long history of being responsible for large scale infections including in 1957 the “Asian flu” , and in 1968 the “Hong Kong flu” and also 1977’s “Russian flu.” They have a history of spreading influenza, and now it’s a bad reputation. And because they don’t seem to learn a lesson, I think it’s about time we “fired” China.

But let’s not confuse who is at fault for the virus — it’s not the average Chinese citizen. They’re cogs in a great big wheel. And it certainly is NOT in any way the fault of your Chinese neighbor or the local Chinese restaurant.

It’s time, time to give the U.S. the opportunity to manufacture the products that we used to do so well. Do I sound like an economic expert? 😉 I don’t know a darn thing about how our economy works when compared to the experts out there.

But I do have the life experience to remind you — or tell you for the first time…that there was a day when the United States manufactured things like dishwashers and other household appliances. And these products performed in the American household for years and years without the need for repair. And when I say years…I mean 20 years or more. Imagine a dishwasher, like the one installed in my house 35 years ago. My old dishwasher was made by Kitchenaid. It ran for 30 years, until 5 years ago when it finally started to act funky. It didn’t completely stop working, but it started to make funny noises and it wasn’t cleaning the dishes well.

So, I made the mistake of replacing it with a new Kitchenaid. God only knows where this thing was really manufactured, because the repairman who fixed it just 5 months after I had it installed told me it was NOT anything like my old unit. He said it was “made in China, with parts from all over the place.” “…The computers in these things are lemons…” We discussed it a little further and he said that Kitchenaid is like Sears now…It’s just a brand name that relies on it’s old reputation – but it is not the same quality, it’s all made in China.

Sears was a cornerstone of American craftsmanship, including their Kit houses.

I’m sure you’ve heard this kind of talk before. It’s the “scuttlebug” that we’ve been churning out for years now. And in a large part it’s our fault, right. I mean, we love to save money, we love a deal. And how many of us shop at the dollar store on a regular basis? We all know that it’s cheaper to buy a new toaster or coffee machine than to repair one. And in the end — who doesn’t like a bargain?

But we need to break this model. We, the U.S. citizens need to understand that it might be difficult, but we have to find a way to break away from these cheap products, and instead make our own products again. Made by us, bought by us.

This may be a Utopian train of thought. Maybe it’s just too difficult to do this. But right now, we’re forced to be inventive. We have to find a way to manufacture medical masks, gloves, hand sanitizers. And we have to find a way to deliver locally made goods to each other. Because, we are each others customers. We have to learn to depend on each other, to trust each other like we did “back in day.”

I’d like to make this article feel complete by suggesting that I do believe that we’ll have a cure for this virus soon. I think that some laboratory will come up with a vaccine or at least a anti-virus cocktail that will prevent lung inflammation and Pneumonia. I have faith in this because I know that the company that comes up with a solution will make a ton of money. So there’s an incentive.

Meanwhile, if you want to make a nice chunk of change…come up with a solution for a need in your community. What needs are not being taking care of? It can be anything. Think about it.

For example, the other day I watched an advertisement by a Pizza company for their new solution to curbside pickup. A kiosk. Make the pizza, drop it in the kiosk, then the customer walks up to it, opens the Kiosk and takes home their pizza. Nice, but to really work safely it needs to be installed so the customer may access it from outside the building.

Hmmm, I hope all restaurants can do this kind of thing – – that would be full coverage of their curbside and “hands-off” idea. But only (if) the restaurant workers are doing their part inside and out of the business. And I won’t go into great detail, but obviously we have to trust that a manufacture of any product or good is wearing gloves and masks, and following all the safety guidelines.

Ohh, that’s a thought — do we have new food-safety guidelines for restaurants? Are we, the consumer depending on each business that we order from to implement a system that is safe? Hmmm. Call your governor? Or perhaps, start an organization that puts together the rules and guidelines for operating a business during a pandemic. Too much? Think about it in small steps. What would you like to see, what do you need, and how can you fill that need.

To put things into context with this website, I have made my Film Festival an Online Venue, and I support the fest and filmmakers by streaming the winning films on my connected TV channels (Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Android.) So you see, I’ve gone entirely virtual/digital in order to best service my audience and the filmmaker.

I hope that I’ve given you some optimistic thoughts and ideas here. I hope that I’ve brought you a little more hope. Blessing and Cheers to you!(c) Dean Lachiusa

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