I’m a big fan of space-nerd programs. I’ve been publishing content from Space agencies like ESO and NASA for years. My “Aurora” short film is one of my most popular connected TV videos. And after thousands of downloads it’s still in high demand because not only is it just filled with gorgeous visuals — it’s also very mellow and relaxing.

Just recently, I decided to ramp up the variety of programs that feature outer space themes for two reasons. For one, the spirit moved me…I love the beauty of outer space, and TV shows about space exploration inspire and uplift me. And reason two, is because I want to share the inspiring, and very relaxing feeling that I get from watching this programming with you.

So, today I’m announcing that I’ve added a few more documentary style programs. We have “The Eyes on the Skies” a 60 minute movie described by Germany’s ESO (European Southern Observatory:) It “explores the many facets of the telescope — the historical development, the scientific importance, the technological breakthroughs, and also the people behind this ground-breaking invention, their triumphs, and failures…” The program is presented by Dr. Joe Liske. I don’t Joe, but I feel like I do because he’s a very personable host — and I’ve been watching his videos for years on my Roku channel called “Space.”

We are also streaming Europe to the Stars — ESO’s first 50 years of exploring the southern sky. Per ESO: “The [60 minute movie] consists “of eight chapters each focusing on an essential aspect of an observatory, while putting things in perspective and offering a broader view on how astronomy is made. From site testing and explaining the best conditions for observing the sky to how telescopes are built and what mysteries of the Universe astronomers are revealing…” Boy that’s allot of “techy” sounding stuff — but please don’t let that throw you. The movie is a nice watch.

Next is the 30 minute movie called MUSE, The Cosmic Time Machine. About the Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer installed at ESO’s Very Large Telescope. What’s a spectro…explorer? Hey, I may be a sci-fi nerd, but I can’t tell you any better than them. Watch the film free and ad-free (of course) on my channels.

And lastly we have “In the Shadow of the Black Hole.” Wherein a
a picture of a black hole is taken by the Event Horizon Telescope. (Sounds like a Hollywood Sci-Fi movie ehh?) This recording proves Einsteins theory about black holes. The picture was accomplished via a planet-wide array of eight telescopes. The film is an international collaboration accredited as an ESO production.

If you’d like to see a nice introduction to the fine films that I am streaming, please watch the following…

Just to be as clear as the night sky…You may watch these films on my Roku and Fire TV channels for free, and ad-free. And there are numerous other Documentaries by Nasa and other agencies. Plus of course I feature many Star Trek shows and indie-made films for you to enjoy. Regarding the content I posted today — I should be clear that space agencies (like ESO and ESA) and directors like Lars Lindberg Christensen deserve credit for making these films a reality. Please add my channels and donate to my patreon campaign if you like to see more in the future. – (c) Dean Lachiusa

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