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LIGHTS CAMERA ALIENS is the fun and sexy webisode about Sci-Fi nerds who adventure into Television production.

The medium is mixed, with Rotoscoped and Colorized film.  Currently in the Festival circuit and available for licensing worldwide in webisodes (avg. 5 minutes) or a 37-minute one-off.  The Youtube-teaser runs less than 2 minutes.

On Planet Wonko, Czarconia is an egotist and TV star. She's so good in fact, that she convinces a group of Sci-Fi nerds that she really does talk to Aliens from another dimension. Her beautiful, sexy nerd-friends soon follow Czarconia on all her adventures, but then something happens.

The nerds get jealous, and they decide that they can do a better TV show without Czarconia. Before you know it...everyone has a camera...everyone's on TV...and everyone's doing wacki stuff (on Planet Wonko) to get attention.

Who knew Planet Wonko could be so...Wonko?

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